Famous Grave Hunter

My name is Tabitha Hawk, a native of Ohio and I’m now based out of Nashville, Tennessee. What started with the idea to photograph all the Presidential gravesites in April 2018 when I was at George Washington’s grave morphed into any famous or obscure gravesite. I’ve amassed an impressive collection of grave photos from all over the country since April 2018 and wanted to share them with the public. My travel website at trippintabi.com quickly outgrew the grave page with super long loading times so famous grave hunter website was created. I’ve spent many hours making this website and research and traveling to photograph the graves.It has been informative for me as I have learned a lot more history and back stories to people that I didn’t know. It also helps to remember history when you go to the grave as it places a visual memory with text. 

Findagrave.com has been instrumental in helping me create this website. I’m in no way trying to compete with them as this site is a portfolio of graves I found rather than a comprehensive list of all famous graves. For most famous graves I either added the GPS coordinates or corrected them on Findagrave.com as my gift back to those who might want to visit famous graves. You would be suprised by how many big names had wrong or no GPS coordinates. 

Also the bio’s under the famous grave images are copied from Findagrave or Wikipedia. That would have been an enourmous undertaking to create my own bio’s. 

I would admit I had very little interest in grave hunting most of my life but as an introvert I enjoy the solitude most cemeteries have despite a busy city around. I think it is the mix of a challenge of finding Waldo in as little time as possible and to get to as many cemteries as possible before the gates are closed. Some are open dawn to dusk and others are 8-5 and some are closed are certain days, sometimes what Google shows is not what it is when you get there so that gives a sense of urgency to go as fast as possible. To me this finding a grave quickly is fun. Some cases all I have is a photo of the grave so I try to match the background in efforts to find the grave. Admittly I feel I’m getting to the limits of the famous grave side hobby and will probably retire from it after 2020.

My other hobbies inculude traveling, (I’ve been to all 50 states) storm chasing, ghost hunting and as of 2018 famous grave hunting. 

Some of my websites include

https://www.trippintabi.com – My travel website

https://www.tabithahawk.com/ – My photography website 

https://bestthingstodoinnashville.com/ – My website for Nashville

https://tennesseeohioparanormalsociety.com – My Ghost Hunting Website